Qatar- Paraguay Relations

The Embassy of the State of Qatar was opened in Asunción on 7/12/2012 and the relations began to take its first steps after the ambassador was officially accredited to Paraguay on 11/10/2013 and held interviews with senior officials in the country such as ministers and heads of legislative and judicial authorities. After continuous efforts with senior officials of the State and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Paraguay, a major objective was achieved with regard to the designation of the Government of Paraguay as the first ambassador to Doha and the opening of a resident embassy in September 2014.

Development of relations between the State of Qatar and the Republic of Paraguay

Relations in the political, economic, investment, cultural and other fields.
The Embassy has always maintained contacts with officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to move important files, especially concerning the draft agreements, which are still mostly under study by the Paraguayan side and others by the Qatari side. The mission always  arrange meetings with ministers, officials and businessmen to develop relations between the two countries and give them a push forward.

This is in addition to several draft agreements proposed by Paraguayan authorities in the fields of economic, trade, technical, financial, investment, energy, mining, health, cultural, tourism and air transport.